Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate

Lisa Leavitt, Ph.D.
Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate

1500 WSC
Provo, UT 84604

Survivor Advocacy Services

The Survivor Advocate assists students at Brigham Young University who have experienced rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking or other interpersonal violence. The advocate provides support, guidance and information regarding university policies and procedures to help students make more informed choices regarding their situation. In addition, the advocate works one-on-one to connect students with resources both on and off campus and assists students in navigating the university system, law enforcement system and the medical process should they choose to report. 


Students who talk to the Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate are not obligated to report to law enforcement, the Honor Code Office, or to the byu Title IX Office. The advocate's sole purpose is to help ensure that students' needs are met. All services provided by the Survivor Advocate are free and confidential.


To make a confidential appointment with Dr. Lisa Leavitt, BYU Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate, email or call 801-422-9071.